Space System METEOR-3M №1


Mission objectives

Meteor-3M №1 is a multi-mission spacecraft designed for natural resources study, the environmental monitoring, and hydrometeorological and heliogeophysical support.

Tasks being performed

The Meteor-3M №1 instrument payload allows a wide range of problems related to the hydrometeorological support, monitoring of the «Ocean-atmosphere» system, natural resource study and use, ecological monitoring, control of emergencies, heliogeophysical support.


Organizations of federal and governmental services (Roshydromet, Ministry of Natural Resources and others), central and regional nature-management organizations and other services, administrative, economic, and commercial organizations.

Special features

Global imaging of the illuminated and shaded sides of the Earth in IR region, acquiring the radiation environment data, and measurements of vertical distribution of the atmospheric small gas components and temperature and humidity sounding of the atmosphere.

Main Characteristics:

Launch Date 10 December 2001
Spacecraft Mass 2500kg
Payload Mass 800kg
Launcher  ZENIT-2
Spaceport  Baikonur
Active lifetime  3 years
Developer NIIIEM
Orbital Parameters:
Orbit type Sun-synchronous
Altitude 1029-1005 km
Inclination 99.60°
Orbital period 105.3 minutes

Weather Satellite Meteor-3M №1 Onboard Equipment

Equipment Spectral Band,
Ground Resolution,
Swath Width,
Scanning TV-sensor with on-board data recording system for global data aquisition 0.5-0.8 1.5 3100
IR-radiometer for global data and image acquisition in APT mode 10.5-12.5 3x3 3100
Microwave radiometer of integral humidity sounding of the atmsphere 22-94 GHz

5 channels
25-100 1500
Microwave radiometer of temperature and humidity sounding of the atmsphere

18.7-183 GHz

52-55 GHz

19 channels
12-75 2600
Geophysical measurments system 8 channels    
Scanning TV-sensor for automatic data transmission mode 0.5-0.8 1x2 2600
Scanning 10-channel IR-radiometer 9.65-18.7 35x35 *400
Geoactive radiation measurement system      
UV-spectrometer (limb) 4 channels
Multi-channel high-resolution scanner (MCHRS) 0.5-0.6


38?38 m 78
Multi-channel medium-resolution scanner (MCMRS) 0.5-0.7

225 m 2250
SAGE-III Instrument (USA)
(Measurement of vertical distribution of aerosols and ozone from the upper troposphere through the stratosphere)
11 channels

- -
Radiochannel 466.5 MHz - data transmission to control centers
137.850 MHz - data transmission to local acquisition stations